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April 21, 2021

Our 2021 Earth Day Announcement

Happy Earth Day from DSS Games. You may be wondering, what does Earth Day have to do with party games? Well, here’s what: 


We’re cleaning up our act. No no no, don’t get it twisted, our game content can still be dirty ;) But the production- our production is going green. 


We take our fun seriously. And this means working hard to make our party games the best they can be for both people and planet. 


This April 2021, we launched our FIRST green game. It is our first party game produced on FSC Paper, which certifies that the materials were sourced responsibly from FSC forests and recycled materials [more on the Forest Stewardship Council FSC here].




The DSS Games team has worked hard for several months researching and reinventing our processes to make Weed Games, our first green game, a reality as well as the new standard for ALL games. (Get it? Green game. It’s a double entendre.)


We are SO PROUD to be taking these first steps towards becoming the standard of sustainable business. So what's next: 

  • By December 2021, our entire catalogue of 25 games, including new releases and restocks of best selling titles, will be 100% FSC certified. 
  • In 2022 and beyond, we will be tackling more sustainable initiatives for our products like improved solutions for plastics, shipping & emissions, and more. 

    We hope you'll hold us accountable. 

    fsc certified commitment


    Peace, love, and green games <3