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Weed Games

A Party Game
  • A collection of 35 novelty party games for people who smoke or don't
  • Some games are completely new age- check out Script Doctor, Munchies, and Fake News. Other games put a spin on the classics you may recognize, like Stoned Simon
  • There are 6 categories of stoner games - You're Talking Too Fast, Quizzes, How?, Yes!, Way Better and Improv
  • For 2+ players ages 21+
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Scope The Game How To Play

  • Gather Friends

    Whether it be a pregame or full blown vision quest there's a game here to suit every get-together.

  • Draw A Card

    Pick a card from the 35 games and 6 categories to fit your vibe.

  • One Full Card = One Full Game

    35 different games in one box?! Wow. You're welcome.