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Weed Games

A Party Game
  • A collection of 35 novelty party games for people who smoke or don't
  • Some games are completely new age- check out Script Doctor, Munchies, and Fake News. Other games put a spin on the classics you may recognize, like Stoned Simon
  • There are 6 categories of stoner games - You're Talking Too Fast, Quizzes, How?, Yes!, Way Better and Improv
  • For 2+ players ages 21+
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Scope The Game How To Play

  • Gather Friends

    Whether it be a pregame or full blown vision quest there's a game here to suit every get-together.

  • Draw A Card

    Pick a card from the 35 games and 6 categories to fit your vibe.

  • One Full Card = One Full Game

    35 different games in one box?! Wow. You're welcome.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Over 37 of our customers have rated this game 5 stars on!

Grace Battles

“I love finding new games to play with my friends on game night when I came across this. The cards were much bigger than I expected but the cards are fun. There are 6 categories and plays to everyone's strengths. No matter smoker or not, sober or not this is a great adult party game to play.... read more

Brie E.

“So at first I was confused because there was no instructions card, then I realized the instructions are on each card. Some cards you will need at least 3+ people, most you can play with just 2 but the more the merrier right! NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO SMOKE WEED FOR ANY OF THESE GAMES! But the categories are definitely more complicated to complete if you are high lol. 10/10 would play again !!... read more