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Sriracha The Game!

Sriracha The Game!

A spicy, fast-paced card game for the whole family

  • Includes 52 cards with all original Sriracha and food themed illustrations
  • Divvy up the cards evenly between players and get ready to slap the deck for pairs and sandwiches. Or play Sriracha Cards to stay alive! The first player to collect all the cards wins
  • Each round lasts 10-15 minutes which means there's time for lots of rematches
  • Under official license from Huy Fong Foods
  • For 2–4 players ages 7+
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Spicy Slapping Card Game •  Spicy Slapping Card Game •  Spicy Slapping Card Game • 
Im fried • Spicy • Shake Well •  Im fried • Spicy • Shake Well •  Im fried • Spicy • Shake Well • 
Chicken Card
Burger Card
Pho Card
Pho Card

Pair Them Up

If the card played is a match to the top card, this is a pair. First one to slap the pile gets all the cards. Add these new cards to the bottom of your deck.

Two Peas In a Pod graphic


If the card played is a match to the card underneath the top card, this is a sandwich. First one to slap the pile gets all the cards.

Low carb, fat free graphic
Taco Card
Sushi Card
Taco Card
4 Sriracha Bottles Card
3 Sriracha Bottles Card
2 Sriracha Bottles Card
1 Sriracha Bottle Card

Add Some Heat

Play Sriracha Cards to get more cards and stay alive!

Spicy graphic



Our family can't get enough of it! Family game night just got a lot more spicy (and cute).

— @thecrunchbros

Obviously we love all things Sriracha, but now there's a GAME?!? That even my 3 yr old can play?! And win at?! 🤣

— @greyandmama

Sooooo cute. Sooooo fun. Sooooo saucy.

— Avery
Im fried graphic
Spicy graphic
Fried rice character

Our Sriracha Story

Trevor and I first saw this mysterious sauce at our local Teriyaki restaurant “Teriyaki Madness” in 2003 in Kirkland, WA. The packaging was unmistakable. Even more unmistakable was the fact that it was on every table. Sriracha was as important to that place as the walls that held up the roof.

Thus began our love of Sriracha. From then on it was always on the dinner table and eventually in our Santa Monica office.

Since then, we started DSS Games and got lucky enough to team up with a bunch of other Sriracha-lovers like ourselves that make up our company. 

So when we started thinking about who we could team up with to make our next game - Huy Fong Foods was the first one that came to mind. When they gave us the thumbs up we were off and running creating the first-ever Spicy Slapping Sriracha Party Game! 

We are so grateful to our fellow small, SoCal company - Huy Fong Foods for trusting us with this license.

— Noah, DSS Games Co-Founder

Shake well graphic