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Call 911! A Game of Unexpected Emergencies

A Family Game
  • You've never had an emergency like this before.... Call 911! puts a fun new twist on a guessing game for family game night
  • Can you guess unusual emergencies like #170 I’m being spanked by an invisible man! or #115 I am trapped in the sewer with a mime!... before time runs out
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: 200 emergency prompt cards and one 30 second sand timer
  • Intended for 4+ players ages 14+
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How To Play

  • 2 Teams

    Split the group into 2 teams. On your team's turn, one player is the emergency Caller and their teammate(s) are the 911 Operators trying to guess what the emergency is.

  • The Caller

    The round starts when The Caller pulls a card and flips the timer. They have 30 seconds to explain what their emergency is without using any forbidden words in BOLD.

  • The Operator

    The Operator is trying to guess the BOLD words in the emergency phrase correctly before time runs out. If they get it right, your team gets a point! The first team to 10 points wins the game.