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December 01, 2020

5 Gifts For The People On Santa's Naughty List


To the scrooges, grinches, and bad elves out there spiking the eggnog- this one's for you. We ranked our 5 naughty, naughtier and naughtiest games to help you make the best of whatever holiday celebrations you can still pull off for 2020. They make great adult stocking stuffers for the size (and price) and the unboxing reactions are usually pretty damn amusing. 


NAUGHTY You Laugh You Drink - The Drinking Game for People Who Can't  Keep a Straight Face [A Party Game]: Toys & Games

You Laugh You Drink

Try to keep a straight face as your friend acts out drunk Santa, or it's bottoms up! 



Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Who says the season of good cheer can't involve light roasting? 😈 

The OG party game that started it all is guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers this holiday game night. 



If You Had To

Which is worse:

telling every kid you meet Santa isn't real


having to explain every app on your phone to a 100 year old lady? 

Convince the judge your card is the worst scenario, and don't be afraid to throw hands to make your point!

This is the naughty list after all 😏






Drunk Stoned or Stupid Extreme Expansion Pack

What's naughtier than the original Drunk Stoned or Stupid party game?

The Extreme Expansion Pack obviously- really- it's extremely NSFW. 😼




Dick Match

This game is not HARD but size does matter. Just wait til Grandma sees it.