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August 10, 2017

The Office BFFs

There's nothing quite like the bond you have with your best friend. Let "The Office" delve into your special relationship.

When your bff finally gets laid.

You're always on the same page, especially on the dance floor.

When you decide to say "f--k it" and stay in on a Friday and watch Zootopia.

After they finally come back after a long weekend...

When you order 3 entrees and split them all up so you can everything.

You support them in absolutely any situation.

You're both sassy... but you both DGAF.

You have the same feelings towards food.

When they don't text you back after 5 minutes...

Let us be your bff. Come check out our site and hang with us.

Noah Mayer
Co-Founder Drunk Stoned or Stupid