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Trivillennial Game: Trivia for Millennials

May 10, 2020

Play Trivillennial At Home For Free

It is our hope to be a source of entertainment and community during this time while encouraging social distancing. This is why we are sharing a modified online version of Trivillennial with 100 questions that you can play at home for FREE

It's trivia for millennials spanning 10 categories that test how well you know the icons, moments and controversies that define a generation. The categories include Entertainment, Tech, Music, Sports, Trends, Random Shit and more. 

Play with your roomies IRL or with friends virtually through the screen. 
Oh, and tag us when you play because we want to laugh too :) 
@trivillennial created by @drunkstonedstupid


Without further ado,




There's more where that came from. The physical, full version Trivillennial game comes with a total of 1000 questions if you want to keep playing.