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November 19, 2020

5 Gifts For The People On Santa's Nice List

We made a list and checked it twice. Turns out we can be a little nice.

Contrary to the naughty games we're known for, we present to you our Nice List gift guide, with 4 family friendly-ish games that are super giftable. 


**Most games are still rated ages 17+ with the cleanest versions rated ages 14+, marked below







The Best Friend Game

This year, we found out this one is easy to play virtually if you're spending the holidays apart. It's like the newlywed game but for best friends, regular unengaged couples, roommates, siblings, your puppy. You get it. 

For 4+ players ages 14+





Finally, a gift for your know-it-all cousin 😉  It's trivia for millennials, finally, questions that are relevant again. 

For 2+ players ages 17+







Who Can Do It

This game of challenges will liven up your little holiday get togethers. It's a fun gift and functional activity! 

For 3+ players ages 17+



Who's Most Likely To Kinda Clean Edition [A Party Game]


Who's Most Likely To... Kinda Clean Edition

Decide who in the group would be most likely to...."#85 Still believe in Santa," and other hilarious scenarios! There are no winners- only losers.

What?? You know we couldn't be TOO nice 😉

For 3+ players ages 14+