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August 10, 2017

GOT Hangover

Last night might have been epic or it might have sucked. Regardless, we have Game of Thrones characters to explain it.

Trying to remember everyone you met last night.

When you remember that you paid for every Uber.

When you go to check on your hungover friends.

When you're cleaning up the house by yourself.

Realizing your liver has feelings too.

When you realize you texted your ex.

Remembering what the club was like.

When you're in the middle of a dope story and your friends leaves.

That one really fucked up friend.

When your non-hungover friends come over.

Shamelessly eating your leftover drunchies for breakfast.

When your roommate comes home wearing the same thing from last night.

Realizing that tomorrow is Monday.

When you check your credit card statement.

When you decide you hate all people.

When your ex texts you back.

Realize it will all happen again next weekend.

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Cool TTYL,
Noah Mayer
Co-Founder Drunk Stoned or Stupid