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Who's the Silly Goose?

A Party Game
  • A new WHO'S MOST LIKELY TO game, SILLY GOOSE edition
  • Are you becoming your parents? Call your friends out for getting old and developing habits like "Spends all day fantasizing about homes on Zillow" or "Has a crippling addiction to throw pillows"
  • Includes 150 most likely to prompt cards with viral meme characters like Rand and Nance that you know and love from @MiddleClassFancy on Instagram
  • Beware: this is a game with no winners, just losers and lots of laughs
  • In partnership with viral meme account @middleclassfancy
  • For 3+ players ages 14+ 
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How to become a Silly Goose... How to Play

  • Gather friends

    Gather friends that are starting to show aging and old tendencies. The person who has been to The Cheesecake Factory most recently goes first.

  • Draw a card. Easy enough

    Draw a card and read it aloud. Decide who should be tagged with the card and why. Make sure to give compelling reasons

  • Who's the Silly Goose?

    The person that is tagged with the card loses the round. The first to 7 cards loses the game. That's silly.

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