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Drunk Stoned or Stupid Master Edition

A Party Game
  • Drunk Stoned Or Stupid Master Edition combines the original core party game, first expansion and second expansion packs, and exclusive new punishment cards into one complete, epic game set
  • 500 prompt cards to decide who is MOST LIKELY TO...
  • Plus, 50 new and exclusive punishment cards to add a whole new dimension to the original party game
  • There are still no winners, only losers in this game
  • For 3+ players ages 17+
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Don't Be Stupid, Learn How To Play

  • Gather Friends

    Gather 3 or more of your friends who you have incriminating stories about. New friends will work too.

  • Draw A Card

    Decide who in the group should be tagged with the card and why.

  • Everyone Loses

    The judge makes the final call on who gets tagged with the card. First one to 7 cards loses. There are no winners– only losers.

  • Punishment Cards

    If you lost the round, draw a punishment card. You must do whatever the punishment card says for the next round of the game until there is a new loser.

Download Rules DSS Games is not responsible for any loss of friendship or fights that occur before, during and after game night.

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“This game is really easy to set up and understand, and makes for a hilarious game night with some friends! If you’re looking for some good laughs, this is a game you want to add to your stash for sure. Definitely would recommend to all of my friends…oh wait, I already did!... read more


“Very simple to learn. Be sure you’re playing with a lot of fun, outgoing friends who have great stories to share. Makes the game more enjoyable when everybody knows each other well!... read more