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Drunk Stoned or Stupid Expansion #1

A Party Game
  • 125 NEW prompt cards to decide who in the group is MOST LIKELY TO…
  • More players the better (seriously, 10 people would be chill)
  • This game can get real. Prepare to call out your friends.
  • The official 1st expansion pack to Drunk Stoned or Stupid.
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Don't Be Stupid, Learn How To Play

  • Gather Friends + Original Game

    Gather 3 or more of your friends who you have incriminating stories about. New friends will work too.

  • Draw A Card

    Decide who in the group should be tagged with the card and why.

  • Everyone Loses

    The judge makes the final call on who gets tagged with the card. First one to 7 cards loses. There are no winners– only losers.

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Felicity Olivia

“This is my favorite party game. My friends and I play at gatherings and even at the bar. It's best when you know each other pretty well, but even if you don't... read more

Christopher Robinson

“Just purchased this game and played it with about 10 people on Thanksgiving, we had a blast. The expansion cards are better than the original which I also purchased. It got rowdy and... read more

Carolina Mejia

“This game is so fun during quarantine!! All my friends and I face time while one persons reads each card out of the person who’s turn it is (since we all can’t be together) but it worked... read more

Garyn Perrett

“We own the original game and had to purchase this expansion. We use the cards for our office, choosing 5 cards and employees vote on which employee... read more