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Best Story Wins

A Party Game
  • 150 prompt cards to make you share your best (and worst) stories from every occasion
  • It gets personal! Impress the group with the story of the weirdest way you've ever made money, your best celebrity encounter, and much more
  • The winner of the round keeps the card. The first player to 5 cards wins the game
  • For 3+ players ages 17+
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Scope The Game How To Play

  • Gather Friends

    Gather 3 or more friends with some juicy and wild stories.

  • Spill The Beans

    Pick a card and read it aloud. Go around the circle telling your most outrageous stories to answer the card prompt.

  • Best Story Wins

    The best story of the round wins the card. Win 5 rounds to win the game!

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