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You Laugh You're Out

A Family Game
  • The official family party game for people who can't keep a straight face
  • The funniest person goes first. They are the Joker. Jokers pick a card and have 30 seconds to make others in the group laugh by doing what the card says. If anyone laughs, they lose and must give up a laugh token to the Joker.
  • When a player runs out of Laugh Tokens, the game ends. And the player with the most Laugh Tokens wins!
  • Includes 125 card prompts, 1 sand timer, 36 laugh tokens
  • For 4+ players ages 14+


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How To Play

  • The Joker

    Every player starts with 6 Laugh Tokens and the funniest person goes first. They're the joker. The joker pulls a card and has 30 seconds to do what it says and make everyone laugh.

  • If You Laugh, You Lose

    Anyone who laughs, loses that round and must give up a Laugh Token to the Joker. The Joker adds the Laugh Tokens to their collection.

  • Let's Play Again?

    When a player runs out of all their Laugh Tokens, the game ends. The play with the most Laugh Tokens wins! Wanna play again?

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