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Our Family Is So Weird

A Family Party Game
  • Are you ready to call out your family at game night? Our Family Is So Weird will have you cast your vote on hilarious prompts like who in your family #73 has no filter or #60 could fall asleep anywhere
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Includes 150 prompt cards, 4 dry-erase boards, and 4 dry-erase markers
  • Great for big groups and family game nights.
  • From the creators of You Laugh You’re Out family game and Who’s Most Likely To party game
  • For 3+ players ages 14+

How To Play

  • Gather the Family

    Play with at least 3 family members. The youngest person goes first.

  • Cast Your Vote

    Read a card and cast your vote on who is the most notorious person that #73 has no filter, or $60 could fall asleep anywhere.

  • Share Stories

    Reveal who you voted for! Share hilarious stories that support why they deserve the card.

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