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Drinking Games

50 Drinking Games
  • A collection of our favorite 50 drinking games
  • Broken into six different categories: active, drinking, improv, team, word and stupid
  • Can be played with or without alcohol
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Scope the Game How To Play

  • Gather Friends

    Whether it be a pregame or vision quest,-there's a game here to suit every get-together!

  • Draw A Card

    Pick a card from the 50 games and 6 categories to fit your group!

  • One Card = One Full Game

    50 different games in one box?! Wow. You're welcome.

Alcohol Optional: Almost all of our games can be played with or without alcohol so it's up to each person! Drink responsibly!

Don't Take Our Word For It:

Over 170+ customers have rated us five stars on


“This game is a unique product in that it actually contains 50 party games. Each one is pretty simple and is fun for to enjoy with a group for anywhere from 5-30 minutes. They are... read more


“Have a group of people over to pre-game before going out? Ever not known how to get the drinking going? I know this happens to me and my friends all the time. This sleek... read more

Kevin C. Meacham

“We had a ton of fun playing different games from this game. Some are the classic games and some are brand new to me and were a blast to play. I have now bought 4 games from... read more

Amazon Customer

“I usually don't like games due to some being vulgar or overly complicated but this one was a riot. We played it with the adults in the family and had a blast... read more

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