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The DSS Mission: We create social games made for you and your best friends. You’re welcome. 

The DSS Vision: Millions of friends and families got together for the best Friday night ever. We’re the reason why. 

As a leading creator of one-of-a-kind social games, we are committed to getting people off their phones and into the here and now. 


Welcome to DSS GAMES. 


As the Production Coordinator you will be the liaison between DSS and our network of printers internationally and domestically. You will see projects all the way through from receiving files from Editorial to handing off finished inventory to Sales to be shipped. 




Exempt, full-time position with benefits 


Production - 100% 

  • Oversee our network of printers (both domestically & internationally) to ensure the quality development of our products 
  • Point person for all printing related issues 
  • Collaborate with Operations and Partners to spec out new products 
  • Communicate frequently with the Sales & Operations assistant to meet timelines for the on time delivery of our products to customers 
  • Work with Sales & Operations assistant to confirm print quantities/overs for the accuracy of inventory levels 
  • Set up new game files with printers 
  • Review rounds of proofs and dummies from printers before going to press ● Source new printing partners domestically & internationally 
  • Work with freelance designers on making any revisions to files prior to being handed off to printers