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The DSS Mission: We create social games made for you and your best friends. You’re welcome. 

The DSS Vision: Millions of friends and families got together for the best Friday night ever. We’re the reason why. 

As a leading creator of one-of-a-kind social games, we are committed to getting people off their phones and into the here and now. 


Welcome to DSS GAMES. 


As our EDITORIAL MANAGER you will be responsible for the development and delivery of all editorial work on new games published by the Company as you work with and manage various freelancers. The EDITORIAL MANAGER oversees, as project manager, these same new games from conception through to finished files. This position also involves setting up and managing a system of play testing and product review of new titles in development. 


Exempt, full-time position with benefits 




Editorial Development – 50% 

- Oversee development and delivery of all editorial for all new games working with partners, freelance writers, playtesters etc. 
- Help write initial sample content for new projects working with Creative Director 
- Synthesize playtest notes into clear feedback on how to improve revised content 
- Working with Creative Director, edit and refine game content, game rules and package copy 
- Work with writers as they work through rounds of content giving them feedback and direction 
- Propose and write copy for game packaging and marketing materials


    Project Management – 25% 

    - Oversee and ensure timely completion of all new games in production from initial concept to finished files 
    - Manage freelance writers working on new games, and cultivate new writers 
    - Manage freelance copy editors working on new games, and cultivate new editors 
    - Manage freelance designers, and cultivate new designers 
    - Lead weekly production meetings for titles in production 
    - Ensure project files are up to date and properly stored
    - Develop and refine systems, working with Operations Manager, to ensure best practices are in place 
    - Manage editorial schedules for all new titles in development 


      Play-Testing/Product Review – 15% 

      - Develop, implement and publish systems by which all games in development will be fully play-tested and reviewed 
      - Source groups to playtest and review games in development as well as new ideas for games. 
      - Manage playtest/product review events 
      - Compile and review playtest/product review results with Creative Director and others 


        Creative Development – 10% 

        - Working with Creative Director and others, refine games in development as well as new ideas for games. 
        - Contribute to New Idea meetings 
        - Work with Creative Director to refine new ideas for games 
        - Manage and maintain a “New Ideas” list for possible new games 
        - Prepare materials, as needed, for playesting of select new ideas for games


          Minimum qualifications: 

          - College graduate 
          - 4 years relevant editorial experience 
          - Experience managing freelancers 
          - Skilled editor 
          - Experienced project manager 


              Preferred qualifications: 

              - Creative thinker 
              - Enjoys playing social games 
              - Good sense of humor


              Please email with resume and salary requirements.