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The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Game

  • This party game will be a hit at your next bachelorette weekend! After splitting into 2+ teams, the group will compete across 3 different categories, which can be spread out across an entire weekend, or all played in one night. The goal? Giggle with the group, enjoy the adventures, and create memories that the bride will never forget!
  • Includes 150 prompt cards across 3 categories: 1. Who Can Do It 2. Make The Bride Laugh and 3. Scavenger Hunt. Also includes 1 dry-erase leaderboard, 1 dry-erase marker, and 1 cleanup cloth
  • Compete across 3 categories with cards like, “Describe the bride in 1 word—best word wins”, “Do a very shy Magic Mike dance for the bride—make the bride laugh to win” and “Scavenger hunt: Switch outfits with someone on your team for a point”
  • From the creators of The Couples Game That’s Actually Fun and Who’s Most Likely To…
  • For 4+ players ages 17+
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There are 3 rounds to play:


    Choose one person from your team to complete a challenge card. Bride picks between the teams who won. Winning team gets a point.


    One person from each team acts out a card. If you can make the bride laugh in 30 seconds, you get a point.


    Get your cameras ready and hit the town! The bride picks an equal number of dares for each team to do. At the end, the bride reviews the photo/video evidence to determine which were completed. Each completed dare is a point.