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The Girls Night Drinking Game

  • The Girls Night Drinking Game is a party game meant for girls night in (or out)! Have fun (and enjoy your drink of choice) while learning more about the group. These relatable cards will have you swapping stories, poking fun at one another, and of course, uncontrollably laughing.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Grab friends, pour drinks, and draw a card! If the card applies to you, take a sip!
  • Play during girls night, bachelorette parties, birthdays, dinner parties, and more
  • Includes 150 cards with prompts like: Take a sip if… “you’ve ever given yourself a haircut”, “you aren’t wearing a bra”, or “you’ve ever blocked an ex from an app”
  • From the creators of The Couples Game That’s Actually Fun and Who’s Most Likely To…
  • For 2+ players ages 21+
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How To Play:

  • Plan Your Girls Night

    Gather your friends for a fun night in (or out)!

  • Pour Up and Start Playing

    Sip your drink of choice when a card that’s true for you gets read aloud. Cheers if anyone else in the group drinks too!

  • Embrace Story Time

    Enjoy sharing fun facts, silly stories, and random memories with your friends, all prompted by our variety of wild card topics.