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Editorial Director

DSS GAMES is a leading creator of irreverent, one-of-a-kind social games. With each game, we strive to “keep it weird” and make our games in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. 


Our games are sold nationally through accounts such as Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters and others. All of our games are actually tabletop games (not videos games or apps)! We are all about getting people off their phones and into the here and now.

Welcome to DSS GAMES!


As our Editorial Director at DSS GAMES, you will oversee the development of all new games from concept through to finished files. Since our games are, by and large, editorially driven — in this role you’ll have the opportunity to pour your creativity into the projects.


Our Editorial Director works closely with the Company Founders, our Manufacturing & Production Manager and our Project Manager.


Our Editorial Director is a member of our Publishing Committee, helping to decide which games to publish.


Reports to: Founder

Direct Reports: Project Manager

Note: As our yearly count for new games increases, we anticipate hiring a full-time, in-house Editor and Designer who would report to our Editorial Director.


Exempt, full-time position with benefits


Editorial - 70%

  • Oversee and direct the editorial development for all games to be published by DSS GAMES
  • Hands on developmental editorial work for games in development
  • Provide editorial feedback and direction to freelance writers 
  • Oversee and direct freelance copy editors
  • Develop and write package copy (with input from Founder)  
  • Develop and write game rules (with input from Founder) 
  • Develop objectives for specific play-tests for games in development
  • Review feedback from playest groups; synthesize findings 
  • Grow the Company’s base of freelance writers and copy editors 
  • Work with other Company Department heads (Sales, Marketing) to review copy on larger public-facing projects (such as new copy for Company website) 
  • Attend trade shows
  • Provide feedback and direction (via written design briefs) to freelance designers

    Department Management - 20%

    • Work closely, and manage, our Project Manager who in turn handles all day-to-day project management work and details 
    • Work closely with our Manufacturing & Production Manager, who oversees all printing, sourcing and “structural” design work on our games
    • Lead weekly Production Meeting to review schedules on all “to be published” titles currently in development 
    • Lead weekly Product Development Meeting to review all creative decisions to be made (for editorial, design and production) on titles in development
    • Coordinate with Founder and Project Manager on weekly review of “New Ideas” in development
    • Plan + develop annual departmental budget for approval
    • Sign-off on all Product Development related expenses (e.g. designers, copywriters, production artist,etc), with hand-off to Accounting Manager

        New Ideas - 10%

        • While our DSS Games Founder is a key driver on moving new game ideas to the DSS Publishing Board for consideration, our Editorial Director plays a significant role here as well 
        • Working with Founder, provide write-ups for new ideas to be presented to Publishing Committee
        • Organize meetings for Publishing Committee
        • Work with Founder to expand our base of freelance game inventors/creators 
        • Oversee development (with input and feedback from Founder) of more complex new ideas that may require play-testing, preliminary production work and/or work from various freelancers


            • 6-8+ years of editorial experience
            • Experience managing a team + freelancers
            • Prior publishing experience with books, gift books, or games (not video games)
            • Passionate about small business with entrepreneurial spirit
            • Excellent writer
            • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
            • College graduate
            • Is no stranger to FUN


            • Experience with both adult and juvenile editorial projects
            • Comfortable in small, casual office environment
            • Familiarity with 


            COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

            Unless prohibited by applicable law, this position requires proof of being fully vaccinated for COVID-19 on the first day of employment, absent need for medical or religious accommodation or other exemption as allowed by state or local law. Further information will be provided during the recruitment process.

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