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Pick a photo card or photo from your phone and place it on the easel.


Caption the photo with the best caption from the 5 in your hand.


Best photo/caption combination wins a point! First to 7 points wins.


What’s the difference between the Standard and Custom editions?

The standard version is played by choosing a photo on your phone then putting your phone on the custom made wooden easel. Everyone in the group then plays a caption card to the image. 

The Custom version can also be played with your phone but it also includes 30 custom printed photo cards with photos of you and your friends. These photos are uploaded by you and printed with our friends over at FujiFilm. The game arrives with the custom photo cards printed and shrink wrapped inside the box. Pretty sweet, right?

How does the game play?

The game is easy! Grab 5 caption cards and pull up a photo from your phone and put it on the easel. (If you have the Custom Edition, put a photo card on the easel.) Each player then plays their funniest caption card to the photo. The judge picks the funniest photo/caption combo and that player gets a point! First player to 5 points wins.

What types of photos work best?

The best photos for the game are photos that make you laugh. Particularly photos that have a strong reaction or emotion tied to them whether that’s silly, happy, sad, ptfo, wtf?, stoked etc.

Can the game be returned?

All sales on the Custom and Influencer Editions Editions of Don’t Look at Me! are final and non-returnable. (It would be pretty hard for us to re-sell a game with photos of your friends in it to someone else; right?) If your game is damaged or defective please reach out to us via our contact form.

How long will my order take?

The Standard Edition will take just a few days to ship. The Custom Edition will take 2-4 days to print and then a few days to ship. You will receive tracking info shortly after you place your order.

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