Sriracha: The Game [wholesale]

A Spicy Slapping Card Game For the Whole Family
  • Finally a game for Sriracha lovers, everywhere 
  • Includes 52 cards with all original Sriracha and Food themed illustrations
  • Each round lasts 10-15 minutes which means there's time for lots of rematches
  • Under official license from Huy Fong Foods
  • For 2-4 players of all ages

Ready To Spice Things Up? Here's How It Works

  • The Player Who Loves Sriracha The Most Goes First

    Divvy up the cards evenly to all players. One by one, take turns flipping a card from your deck into the pile.

  • Get Ready To Slap!

    Watch for pairs and sandwiches. Be the first to slap the pile of cards when you see either combination. Add these cards to your personal deck.

  • Boom. You Played A Sriracha Card

    The next player has a chance to also play a Sriracha card. If they can't, you get the keep the pile and add the cards to your personal deck.

  • 40% Slapping. 60% Spicy. 100% Satisfying.

    The first player to collect all the cards wins.

Download Rules