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Dick Match

[A Party Game]
  • 24 Pairs of beautifully illustrated dicks on sturdy cardboard tiles
  • Plays like the classic “Memory Matching Game”
  • A very adult and very novelty gift
  • 2+ players ages 18+
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Don't Be Stupid, Learn How To Play

  • Place Tiles and Start Flipping

    Mix the tiles up and place them face down on the table. Take turns flipping. On your turn flip two tiles, trying to find a match.

  • Gotta Match 'Em All

    If you make a match, keep the tiles and go again. If they don't match, the tiles go back facedown. Now it's the next player's turn to try.

  • Size Matters

    Play continues until all the tiles are matched. At the end of the game, players should stack their tiles. Biggest stack wins ;)

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“Great gift for a bachelorette party or as an ice breaker game! A hilarious twists on a classic game. The imagery and names are hysterical. The level of detail is comical. Definitely a game that gets a lot of questions and laughs when found on in the board game closet.... read more


“Hahaha I love this! As soon as I saw it I just had to buy it. This will definitely be an all time favorite party game. Especially like how the “tiles” are thick and durable! And it comes with a sticker! (Top left corner on pic)... read more