100 Games To Play With A Stick [wholesale]

A Book of Games
  • It's a book. It's a game. It's a book of 100 games to play with a stick
  • This is not a children's book or a normal series of fun outdoor games. Far from it
  • It's a collection of 100 games that you can supposedly play with a stick inspired by simpler times when all you needed was a long summer day and a few good sticks
  • You probably shouldn't really play these. Just use your imagination
  • Hardcover book with 112 pages and original line artwork throughout
  • Originally published in the 1950s. Author unknown.

About The Author

  • Nothing is known of the author. How peculiar.

  • In reading through these games, though, you will learn that our author was obsessed with Communists, seemed to have some serious family “issues,” and that he had no idea about what is, and is not, appropriate for children.

  • He also clearly had a tenuous grasp on what even constitutes a “game”.