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April 21, 2020

Game Guide: 6 Easy & Fun Games to Play on Video Chat

By Noah Mayer

Suddenly we live in a world where virtual happy hours are the highlight of our social lives. So to bring you a better way to video chat, we are sharing 6 hilarious games that have been adapted or can easily be adapted to play online with your friends. No one wants to hear about your banana bread anymore. Let's get gaming!


A Classic Pregame 

If you thought we were going to plug our own games, yes, of course that's coming. But we like a good 'ol fashioned card game too. Plus. a couple drinks off the bat could help loosen you up to do better in some of the other games, later on.  

With Deck.Of.Cards, you can get some simple crowd pleasers going. Anyone remember Fire & Ice or how about a little King's Cup? 

Play Here


The original: Drunk Stoned or Stupid

If just ONE person has the game, this could work. Everyone hops on the zoom call. The person with the game pulls cards to show to the group. Now the discussion begins- who is most likely to "Wake Up with Half a Burrito" or "Own a Sex Toy". Ding ding ding, if they vote you, take a drink. 

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Drunk Driving

No, don't get in your car. You've got no where to go! This a multi-player version of Mario Kart Tour! Download the Mario Kart Tour app in your phone [some in-app purchases may apply].

Race up to seven other players and for an extra twist, you have to finish a beer before you finish the race. However, you can't drink and drive! You must put the phone down to take a sip of beer. And you must put the beer down to start driving again. The player who finishes their beer AND the race first abiding by these rules wins!

Download for iOS or Android 


Quarantine Companions, meet The Best Friend Game

It's like the newlywed game- but for people quarantined together. Test how well you know each other by secretly answering personal questions like "what was my first car?" and "what is something I always have with me that isn't phone/keys/wallet?". Challenge other duos and use regular paper to write and reveal your answers if you don't have the game boards.

The true test would have been to play this at the beginning and end of quarantine to see how much more you learned over this period of time.

Play Now!


Beer Pong

Now it's getting advanced up in here. Rack up some red solo cups with beer on a table as you normally would. Then, FaceTime a BFF and have them do the same. Take turns shooting for your cups, and on the honor system the other team drinks when you make one. *House rules apply*


Trivia Night with Trivillennial

We made trivia modern and freakin relevant again with questions about the icons, moments, and controversies of the millennial generation. Not only that, but we made it FREE. Get your virtual game night going and access our FREE Trivillennial version here with 100 questions across 10 categories.

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Cheers ya'll <3