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May 21, 2020

Gift Guide: 3 Adult Games for Grads

By Noah Mayer

Honor the 2020 grads in your life with one of these hilarious adult games for their coming-of-age event. 

Best Friend Game

For your graduating peers who you may not see on a daily basis anymore. It’s your subtle way of saying much love, BFFL. I'll always have your back. 



A right of passage trivia game for this generation. Your book smart test days are behind you. Time to test your pop culture, tech trends, and street smarts. Go on and live your best La Croix drinkin, Avocado Toast eatin, TikTok dancin life. 


    Dick Match

    SURPRISE! It’s adult content to welcome you into the adult world. Straight up, it's just funny. 


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